Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everything has a Beginning

Anyone that really knows me knows that I tend to keep to myself. I am slow to trust and I feel as though some things just can’t afford to be told to someone who 1) isn’t really listening in the first place (because people are quick to speak, but slow to listen), 2) doesn’t care (if they did listen), or 3) will belittle my thoughts and feelings without contemplation, that I have taken the time to express. It just turns out to be a waste of time.

Blogging seems to be all the rage here at school. And for a while, I was pondering the thought of starting up my own blog however, as mentioned above, my tendency is to keep to myself. So, knowing myself, I probably would have written blogs, edited the life out of them and then deleted them anyways thinking “why would anyone care? Why would the life of Caroline Rybicki be interesting enough to write about to publish for the web-world to read, nonetheless interesting enough to spend the time to read about? ” But God, now that is something worth both writing and reading about.

Anyways, the night before I was headed back to school for my second semester of college at a school where, lets be real, I was struggling, a friend lent me a book called “Crazy Love”.  Fittingly, the book elaborates about the “crazy” love of God. After just reading the 2-pages of foreword, I had already whipped out my iPod touch (because as I was making the pilgrimage back to school, paper was not readily available), and taken a glut of notes (because I like to take notes when I have thoughts floating in my head because my memory is worse than your grandma’s...and this way I can return to them later). The thoughts were flowing and I was fighting back the tears that were eager to pour out my lacrimal puncta (I’m sort of an Anatomy & Physiology freak :)). I felt so moved! (and I hadn’t even started the actual book yet! I can assure you, it only got better from there!)

I am strong believer in “everything happens for a reason” because I believe that God leads us through situations that will shape us into the future us. He knows what we need in our life. And I was already convinced that God had planned for the book to be thrown down at me from my friend’s second story window that Sunday night because He had a purpose for it.  Everything I need/needed to hear, He conveyed to me via the book.

So, although I still am not sure if starting a blog will do anything, when it comes to God, I can’t keep to myself. And I most definitely can’t keep the amazingly love of God all to myself.  Infact, I can’t contain myself. Like the song I used to sing at camp says, “Jesus love is a bubblin’ over.” It’s so true! Anyways, I’m so excited about the book, the topics brought up, and the thoughts evoked, that I don’t know who to share with so, I figure I can post them on the internet for the whole world to know, if they so choose. I don’t know if my blogs will help anyone or bless anyone or if anyone will read them for that matter, but since I started writing, the words keep flowing (which I know I can’t take credit for because I have never been much of a writer) so I guess it’s meant to be.

But now that you aren’t “forced” to listen to me because your not sitting right in front of me, I feel more at ease sharing what goes on within the mind of Caroline Rybicki and you can choose for yourself as to whether you want to know or not.

Most of you won’t read my blogs because you’ll see they are about God and the rest of you are reading this because you are nosy and you want to know everything about everyone else. (and if you knew me you’d know that the second half of this sentence is sarcasm …I’m full of it . So please don’t be offended, but if “nosy offends you, feel free to replace it with “curious” :) ). But it’s okay if no one reads my blog. I’m happy knowing that at least I tried.

I just hope that the excerpts from the book or the thoughts that were sparked in my head can be of use/help/blessing to you. I hope you enjoy my journey of thoughts and spiritual growth as sparked by “crazy love”. (I’m shooting for one blog for every chapter put up every week, so you’ll have to be a little patient.)

As for the book, I strongly recommend it to everyone in advance! If I had the money to buy one for everyone I knew, I would do it in a heartbeat!

P.S. Just so we are clear, all credit goes to God.


  1. I love this caroline! And as for the book, I definately agree 100%. I'm only on the 3rd chapter because after each chapter I read, I just need time to think and reflect.
    I'm excited to see what you write after each chapter... maybe I'll follow along with you!

  2. Yay! Callie I'm so excited about this book! It is so rich and packed with amazing facts about God..it's a lot to process!