Friday, January 28, 2011

He Loves You For You

Every time I step outside of my dorm room,
I see friends embracing and spending time together,
And couples cuddling.

I’ll admit it,
I’m jealous.

You know the feeling.
The desire to fit in, to have a place,
A place where your understood and accepted for you.

When I’m here, I feel like I’m missing it.


Naturally, it’s what we want, what we yearn for.

We spend our whole lifetime searching for it.
As babies, we search for love from our parents by being held close,
As children, we search for it through their praise and approval,
As teens, we search for their support, quality time with friends, and begin to desire attention from a significant other,
As young adults, we search for friends and a soul mate,
And as parents, we search for appreciation from our families.

It is contact with people that we want.
But people often fail us.
“No one is righteous--not even one.”
-Romans 3:10

People make mistakes, they sin, and they hurt us in the process.
When that happens, we turn to others
And they may temporarily help us, but along the road, we get hurt again
Whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Catch 22.
It’s a never-ending cycle
That we constantly toss ourselves into.

We constantly get caught up in our failure to find love from our parents, friends, 
or our crush (which is appropriately named)
That we forget about God’s love for us.

God’s love is
as in there is no greater, stronger, untainted love!
as in it has no boundaries or exceptions!
as in it has no end!

God’s love is so great that He left His comfort zone in heaven on His throne to experience all of the pain and temptations of life.
So great that He died the most painful death.
(I know that you know that, but just contemplate for a second how big of a sacrifice He made.)
So great that it is unfathomable,
So great that we have a hard time grasping it.

It’s easy for us to think that God forgets about us because 
we don’t physically see Him, 
spend time with Him, or are able to embrace Him.
However, that is no reason to underestimate His love.
The Bible is full with proof of His love.


“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,”
-Jeremiah 1:4

God didn’t just create the process of reproduction,
He takes the time to form each one of His creations.
He knows us before we are even born,
Before we existed,
Before our parents, who created us, knew us.

Now think about this:
If He knew us before they did, and if our parents are the people that love us the most,
How much more is His love for us than our parent's love for us?!
It’s indescribable.

Mom and Dad, I love you,
But your love doesn’t even compare to the love God has for me.
That is pretty amazing.

So, when you realize how great His love is,
You might be afraid,
Afraid of messing up and losing His love.

But don’t fear.
Our God is a God of mercy.
His mercy is free.
It is a gift;
It cannot be earned.
It is never ending.
Over and over again, He forgives us and takes us back because of His love for us.

The best part about God’s love for us is that is not forced.
It is His choice to love us.
God (pure and holy) willingly, voluntarily decides to love us (dirty sinners).
He wants us even though we disregard Him,
 Even though we need Him
But usually don’t really want Him.
He always loves us though we don’t always reciprocate.

Without even knowing, we search everywhere for a love as great as His,
But it’s right in front of us.
He is always by our side,
waiting for the day that we except Him into our life.

So, I have realized that I don’t need to search any longer or be jealous anymore.
 Because I do have someone that loves me.
Someone that loves me more than any person on this earth even has the ability to,
no matter where I am or at what point I may be in my life—high or low.
I have a God that loves me.
He knows me inside out and He still loves me.

He loves me when I fail,
He loves me when I make a fool of myself,
He loves me when I mess up,
He loves me when I sin
And He always takes me back.

Not only does He love me despite all my mistakes and sins,
He is thee only one that will love me to that extent!

God, I love you.
Not for your blessings in my life or your gift of eternal life.
Just you.

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