Sunday, February 13, 2011

See the sparrows in the sky?

When you graduate high school and start college,
I guarantee your thoughts will be consumed by one question.
“What am I doing?”

As in, “What classes should I be taking?”
“What should I major in?”
“Where am I going to school?”
“Should I transfer?”

The scary thing is,
You never know what the right decision is.
You may think you know, but how would you?
There could be other possibilities out there that may be better, quicker, or more suited for you that you may not even know about.

I feel like lately, I have been pressured to make one decision after another.
I hate it because I don’t know which one to take and which one to decline.
I always think about how different my life could be depending on which decision I make and that is terrifying.
I could make or break my life in one decision?
Why am I given such power?

I’ve had several conversations about the future and decision making with people in the past week.
And though I talked to different people,
Someone always ended up saying something along these lines:

I am so overwhelmed with decisions.
I don’t know what to do anymore.
The only thing I do know is that I need to put my faith in God.
He has to lead the way because I have no idea where I’m going.

I won’t lie,
Having faith can be very difficult.

My faith has been tested to the extremes this semester.
And for the longest time I was frustrated and bitter thinking
Why God have you put me in this situation?
Why did you let me make this horrible decision?

At low points, I dared to question God’s love for me.

I can’t believe how wrong and selfish
that was of me.

Silly me.
 I was so caught up in my selfish lifestyle that I didn’t realize that God’s actions were all out of

First of all, God does not let us go through anything that we cannot handle.
And second, He loves us with an indescribable love
So He will not put us through anything unnecessary.
Everything has a purpose.
In fact Chan says it nicely,
“Even though we could die at any moment and generally think our puny lives are pretty sweet compared to loving Him,
He persists in loving us with unending, outrageous love.”

Outrageous love.

I like the sound of that.

It just gives me comfort to know that He loves me no matter what.
No matter what decisions I make,
Whether I decide to become a doctor and am really successful
Or am a failure and have a job that provides me barely enough to live week to week
 Because his love is
Without exceptions.

There is a song (“Everlasting” by Hillsong)
That I have been listening to a lot lately and it gives me comfort in times of decisions.

A thousand times I've failed
Still your mercy remains
And should I stumble again
Still I'm caught in your grace

He will always love me and forgive me
No matter what my decisions are or what they lead to.

And on top of that,
Because He loves me,
I know that He will guide me to do the right thing
Or lead me through the experiences that I need in order to grow.
I just need to have faith.

If your faith is growing weary
Because you feel like God isn’t there or doesn’t care,
Think about these lyrics from “It’s Alright” by Melissa Otto.

“[God] said,
“Oh you of little faith,
See the sparrows in the sky,
Unaccompanied by the cares of the wild...
How much more to me are you worth than these?”

He loves you,
(more than the birds in the sky)
Cares about you,
(more than the birds which He provides with everything they need)
And will help you through every decision
If you just have faith
And take time to listen to Him.

So take time out of your hectic schedule,
To not talk to God but
To be still and
Just listen.
He will point you in the right direction.
He will never fail you.

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